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4 Fashionably Cool Color Combos to Make Your Home Magazine-WorthyJanuary 29, 2015

Some colors just don't go together - and they literally look like an eyesore. Check out some tips and inspirations on how to put together the best color palette that will suit your personality.

Turning your dream home into reality can never be an easy task but choosing the right paint colors can do wonders to achieve that super chic abode. While it can be an instant update, experimenting with new hues can be a bit intimidating. That's why we've rounded up the latest color trends to help you bring your fabulous personal style into your living space.

Sharing with us the trick of the trade is Boysen® in collaboration with the Nova Paint Club, an international organization of leading paint companies from Europe, Asia, North America, and South America and a global color research company. So, do you like basking in vivid hues inspired by the hot summer days or you like coming home to a place with a basic monochrome look?

Here are the four color personalities to redefine your home:


For city dwellers who feel the need to be in closer touch with nature, you can always bring in the deep earth tones, lush greens, warm wood tones, and vibrant reds into your living spaces. These colors provide you with a grounded feeling of being at the center of life and at the same time, being home. (Key colors: Thimbleberry, Rich Peat, Brunswick Forest, Granny Orchard, Turkish Marble, Raw Slick)


Living in the fast lane? This palette has a sassy retro motif that can make any room look livelier. It is all about excitement, passion, and a statement of youthfulness and energy. This is perfect for Type A personalities or those people who are moving towards their goal at a fascinating speed. Balance out the intensity of tangerine with cool greys and sophisticated blues. (Key colors: Vinlyl Night, Cerise Street, Radioactive Orange, Cyber Police, Kinder Yellow, Tiffany Morning)


What's the number one color rule? None. If you're one of the many outliers who march to their own beats, this color combination is perfect for you. Embrace your individualistic style with reds, blues, yellows, and greens - bold, intense, and all a little bit of the beaten track. (Key colors: Vintage Fandango, Indie Gaga, Blue Curacao, Bermuda Courtyard, Electric Limerick, Salsa Night)


You prefer the timelessness and subtlety of classic colors, but you're never boring. The tones in this palette are subdued which create a wonderfully soothing combination that calm the senses instead of stimulate. (Key Colors: Cupid's Bow, Celestial Child, Sunday's Best, Puffy Tutu, Walking on Sunshine, Gold Charms)

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- Gene Loves Acosta, Courtesy of Hola! Philippines (