This is the time of the earth lovers, when they are making inroads in offering an alternative lifestyle to the culture of consumerism which prevailed in the 20th century. They advocate a responsible kind of consumerism which positions the protection of natural resources and ecosystems at the forefront. Whether it is a patronage of organic products or an appreciation of artisanal goods, a recycling of materials to upcycling in order to come up with materials or objects of better quality or value, the mindset is clearly environmentalism.

Renew could mean a reinterpretation of the crafts of old, using traditions as a foundation to create something new. It could also mean a combination of natural materials and synthetics, or even an alliance of different disciplines, to allow for new things to come to life. Renew could even mean the repurposing of old concepts to solve the challenges of today. Whatever form it takes, what is crucial is for the creative community to have a participatory and collaborative culture.

We are one, Earth, the ecosystem, and every living creature upon it. That is the fundamental idea of Renew.

Hello Yellow
Tree Hugger
Cabin Moss
Renewed White
Complementary Colors
Gray Castle
Nuevo Terra
Disclaimer : These colors may not exactly match the actual paint