Flourish is the impetus behind BOYSEN® Color Trend 2022/23. 24 new paint colors divided into six colors per palette. Aspirational and positive, this powerful core idea Flourish gave birth to the four color palettes — BREATHE, MOVE, BLOOM, and LIVE. These palettes represent the four natural elements essential to life, namely, air, water, earth, and fire.

Since 2015, BOYSEN® has launched a Color Trend every year. In March 2020, just right before we were about to physically introduce the colors to the public in the first exhibition planned for the year, the pandemic revealed itself and spread quickly around the globe, plunging all of us into a series of lockdowns. A traditional launch of the BOYSEN® Color Trend 2020 was no longer possible so we introduced the new paint colors in our social media channels instead.

There was a gap in the annual rollout when BOYSEN® decided not to create a Color Trend in 2021. Mankind has been in the grip of a pandemic that forcibly wrested everyone's focus from quotidian concerns to survival issues. Along with the rest of the world, we have been digging deep into our resilient nature to navigate our way through the many challenges we have encountered.

The world is still traversing this shifting landscape after two years. Many of us have been changed because of the ordeal. We are learning to transmute pain into growth. BOYSEN®, which was established nearly 70 years ago, trusts the life cycles it has experienced throughout its existence—of a world that survives, strives, and thrives.

Flourish is a claim we bravely make because we believe in the wisdom of the collective to find the path as we awaken to the infinite possibilities of life, and the new ways to breathe, move. bloom and live.