The Bloom palette represents the natural element earth.

Burrow deep into the fecund earth and develop strong roots. The love for life and this planet we call home has never before been thrusted unequivocally to the forefront of the collective consciousness as it is now. It is time to harness our creative power and forge a path ahead that is sustainable for all life in the earth's biomes. Bloom, collaborate, and be a trailblazer that the world community needs. A Renaissance is a requisite to our blossoming.

Bloom is a sophisticated palette of an unexpected color combination of pinks, blues, and a dollop of mustard. Painting this palette in your interiors is a fearless statement signifying a confidence in the singularity of your own creative genius. It is also a bold invitation to others entering your domain to trust in their own individual styles. The impact of Bloom is as stunning as a field of wildflowers, artfully curated by nature itself. The key to its potency lies in variety and not in uniformity.

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Wistful Lilac
Honey Hive
Teal We Meet Again
Whirlwind Romance*
Sweet Inspiration
Candies Be Love
*Needs CP70 red primer