The Breathe palette represents the natural element air.

Breathing, an unconscious process, sustains our lives. The breath of life is blown into us at birth and snuffed out in death. Its power and the healing it brings nurture us throughout the span of our existence. We are given this sacred gift so that we may live a flourishing life. In the intervals between breathing in and breathing out are the liminal spaces that give us a glimpse of our full potential as human beings…if we care to look.

Muted reds comprise most of the colors of Breathe. A mellow green and somber charcoal complete the palette. Using these gentle colors which are different from the usual greens of biophilia, you can create an eco-chic urban dwelling and fill it with decor made of natural materials. When the world gets too frenzied, retreat into this sanctum to catch your breath.

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Baby Steps
Utterly Pottery
Morning Yoga
But First, Coffee
Herbal Tea
Charcoal Mask