The Live palette represents the natural element fire.

What ignites the fire in your belly, that gets you up in the morning, that raises you when you stumble, that impels you to go into the fray despite not knowing what awaits? It's the same fire that makes you savor life's pleasures, big and small, that lets you be present in every unpredictable moment, and that allows you to bask in the glow of love. Brook no half measures but seek and live the lushness with the passion it deserves.

The cool colors of grey, green, and blue comprise most of the palette with a lone red hue to complete it. The kind of fire that Live represents is the lambent warmth of a carefully tended blaze, not a conflagration that destroys everything in its path. It is the flame of awareness, fueled by the balance between acuity of purpose and the wisdom and heart to accomplish it. With the Live palette, expect a living space that is welcoming, soothing, even healing…a place of renewal.

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Silver Streak
Cool Tides
Mellow Mint
Hidden Oasis
Marine Sanctuary
Sahara Sunset